There's a crowdfunding campaign to make personal air-conditioners that fit inside your shirt

It seems like this summer is going to be an absolute sizzler. You know what I mean: eggs frying on pavements, cars turning into ovens-on-wheels, and ice cubes suddenly being in seriously short supply. If you're not prepared to beat the heat, then the blazing hot sun can easily become the bane of your life.

Sure, it's not so bad if you've got air conditioning at work and at home, but for those of us working outdoors, or who are just on the move, then the high temperature can make you absolutely miserable. If only there was a way to carry air conditioning around with you, in a portable way, instead of having to rely on a tiny pocket-sized fan.

Check out this amazing video showing how the incredible invention is supposed to work:

If you feel the same way, then I have good news for you. As luck would have it, a team of designers working for Sony have come up with a proposal for an awesome, game-changing invention. Namely: as a special air-conditioning unit that can that fit inside your shirt.

That's right, the device (which is called a Reon Pocket) is apparently designed to slide right into the back of a custom-made shirt, where it will rest at the base of your neck and keep you cool.

The Reon Pocket's settings can be controlled via your smartphone, and offer warm air or cold air depending on your personal preference. Currently being crowdfunded in Japan, it's apparently supposed to cost around £100 ($130). The crowdfunding page is almost halfway to its target and promises that the item will be launched next year.

Sadly, seems as though it will only be available in Japan. In the meantime then, why not invest in one of these amazing ice cube vests to help survive the heatwave?