New study reveals the reason why women are actually better drivers than men

Since the olden days when the very first automobiles hit the roads, men have accused women of being bad drivers. It's a nasty and long-recalled stereotype that men are involved in fewer accidents and breakdowns, and are more skilled behind the wheel than their female counterparts, and quite frankly it's one that almost all women (regardless of whether or not they actually own a driver's license or not) wish that men would stop repeating ad nauseam. 

Of course, there are some bad female drivers out there, just as there are bad male drivers out there: people who shouldn't rightly even attempt to play Mario Kart with their mates, let alone actually drive a car. But, logically, every demographic you can think of will inevitably have its own share of poor drivers too, and women are not notorious in that regard. The problem with the stereotype is that it relies on hearsay and anecdotal information, and usually has no basis in cold hard fact. If only there was some way we could settle the issue conclusively, and finally put the matter to bed...

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However, women drivers can now rejoice, because if the following evidence is to be believed, we may have discovered something that will finally stop anyone from uttering those same old sexist jokes and comments. It seems as though the scientific method has proven that, not only are women not worse drivers than men, but that they're actually less likely to be involved in an accident or highway mishap than your average dude is. Is this too good to be true? Or a proper godsend? Let's investigate further.

The study in question comes courtesy of price-comparison website They conducted a survey of the insurance details of a sample of male and female motorists, and learned that although women took a little bit longer on average to learn how to drive, but that far fewer women drivers committed offences on the road after passing their test. Not only that, but female drivers were determined to be far less likely to be involved in an accident, since women cost insurers on the whole far less when they made claims than men did.

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Furthermore,'s data showed that in 2017 more than 585,000 drivers in England and Wales were taken to court for breaking the law while driving. Of these 585,ooo cases, 79 per cent of the offenders were men. In addition to this, men also managed to outnumber women at a considerable ratio of five-to-one when it came to offences around drink-driving, and two-to-one when it came to offences like without tax or insurance.

So there you have it: next time you're in a bar and you have to listen to some guy mouthing off about women and their lack of proficiency on the road, then simply shut him up by showing him these figures instead. That'll keep him quiet all right!