Another alleged 'Bully 2' screenshot has leaked online

Action-adventure video game, Bully, was released by Rockstar Games back in 2006. However, fans of the game - which is also known as Canis Canem Edit in some places - are yet to see a follow-up, despite the game having received cult classic status.

Fans have been waiting patiently for a Bully 2, but in the meantime have had to make do with re-releases and remasters of the original, as opposed to an actual sequel.

On August 14, however, YouTuber TheNathanNS posted a screenshot which he claims is an exclusive look at Bully 2 footage.

Rockstar Games have not yet confirmed that they are working on a follow-up but unless the screenshots are fakes, it does appear to be the case.

On Tuesday, yet another screenshot was posted - this time a more detailed look at the game's map - or at least what the individual who posted it claims is a legitimate screenshot from Bully 2.

Posted by user Zuke2000 on the game’s subreddit, the map depicts a larger playing area than the one in the original version.

alt Credit: Reddit / Zuke2000

It is also a lot more detailed than previous leaks have been and thus a lot more plausible as a genuine screenshot from Bully 2.

The map depicts school classes, locations for a hospital and a clothing store.

Past leaks have been full versions of the map, but this one gradually becomes fuller the more you navigate the world depicted in the game.

Zuke2000 claims that the leak was sent to him after it was originally discovered on Discord.

Rockstar Games have hinted at other new projects. For instance, fans have spotted a listing for a project named Bonaire.

However, it looks like we'll have to wait a little while longer to find out once and for all whether Bully will finally be getting a sequel.