Woman gives birth and takes exams 30 minutes later

A 21-year-old woman has caused plenty of buzz online, after sitting up in her hospital bed to take her exams - having given birth just half an hour earlier.

Nothing was going to stop Almaz Derese, who lives from Metu in western Ethiopia, from graduating, with exam season delayed because of the Islamic holiday Ramadan. This did lead to a problem, though.

Almaz went into labour on Monday, shortly before her first exam was scheduled to take place, but once she had successfully become a mother, this young woman did not want to wait another year to graduate. "Because I was rushing to sit the exam, my labour wasn't difficult at all," she explained to the BBC.

Her husband Tadese Tulu had to convince her school to let her take her exams in the maternity ward.

Almaz took her English, Amharic and maths secondary school exams in hospital, but over the next couple of days will take her remaining exams at an examination centre. It's not uncommon for women in Ethiopia to drop out of school to give birth, completing their studies later, but Almaz is happy with how the exams went, as well as her newborn baby son.

She now wants to take a two-year course that will help her to prepare for university.