People are sharing the brilliant impact the #Trashtag challenge is already having

There are a lot of internet trends and challenges that pop up throughout the year, usually ranging from the ridiculous to the outright dangerous. However, this most recent addition to that particular hall of fame is far more beneficial to the world.

The 'Trash Challenge', otherwise known as #trashtag, shows people around the world clearing up the litter left in public areas. From Reddit to Twitter, to Instagram, the trend has found a way to encourage people to do their part to help keep the environment as clean as possible.

This Redditor picked up 8,000 cigarettes

alt Credit: Reddit / throwawayfor30yo

This group made a trash snowman at the beach

alt Credit: Reddit/shehuishehui

Boy Scouts of America

It's spreading like wildfire

It makes a world of difference!

Every little helps

River cleanup

80 bags and 934kg of waste

In New York

There are even more ways to encourage people

"It's the only outdoors we have"

The hashtag has actually been around since 2015, when outdoor gear company UCO started a campaign to pick up 10,000 pieces of garbage - but it's now found new life online, and we're all the better for it.