You can now become your cat by turning their photo into an incredibly realistic mask

As strange a phenomenon as it is, there are some people who bear an undeniable and very striking resemblance with their pets.

And while this typically applies to dog owners, there are some cat owners out there who are pretty much the spitting image of their kitty.

But if you happen not to look like a beloved pet, namely a cat, don't fret - because you could get your very own custom-made cat mask, courtesy of Shindo Rinka, a creative planning office in Japan.

shindo rinka Credit: Shindo Rinka

Shindo Rinka have teamed up with modelling workshop 91 to launch a service which allows customers to essentially turn into their cats.

Perfect for proud cat ladies and, well, just about anyone who has a kitty that they adore.

Shindo Rinka Credit: Shindo Rinka

And the process behind this unique project is simple - well, from a customer's perspective anyway.

All you need to do is take a photo of your cat and submit it to Shindo Rinka. The only difficult part of the process is the fact you'd have to part with 300,000 yen ($2,715) of your hard-earned cash if you're intent on having one of these.

Shindo Rinka Credit: Shindo Rinka

When Shindo Rinka receive your photo, a team of skilled sculptors begin their work on the cat mask. The sculptors use the photo as a reference as they go about making a 3D mould covered in fur. The finer details and 'facial extremities' are added in by hand.

All you have to do is wait to until the cat mask - which will allow you to become an exact double of your own feline - is complete.

Shindo Rinka Credit: Shindo Rinka

Anyone who's interested can buy the cat mask through a contact form on the Shindo Rinka website. For now, though, the link is only available in Japanese, and it's not yet clear if the service includes international shipping.