The resort from 'Dirty Dancing' actually exists in real life and you can stay there

It has been over 30 years since the release of Dirty Dancing, and it is still considered one of the most iconic movies of all time.

Everything from the palpable chemistry between lead actors Jennifer Grey (Baby) and Patrick Swayze (Johnny Castle) and, of course, the incredibly choreographed dance routines - cemented the film's status as one of the greatest movies ever made.

Refresh your memory of this iconic scene in the hit 1987 dance movie:

And let's not overlook the movie's gorgeous backdrop, provided by the serene and mountainous setting of the New York-based Kellerman's resort.

Fun fact: the Kellerman's resort wasn't really in the Catskill Mountains of New York - well, not in real life anyway. The set was actually based in Pembroke, Virginia at Mountain Lake Hotel. In fact, much of the cast stayed at the hotel while they were filming.

Mountain Lake Lodge Credit: dianadaviscreative/Mountain Lake Lodge

The hotel, with its rustic and quaint feel, was chosen because the film had a relatively low budget of $6 million and could not afford to splash out on a more glamorous location.

Who could have guessed the movie would turn into the huge success that it ultimately became?

In any case, the hotel's retro look did much to give the movie, which was made in the late 80s and set in 1963, an air of authenticity.

Fans of the film will be pleased to know that not only can they stay at the hotel - they can even rent out the cabin Baby and her family stayed in!

Mountain Lake Lodge Credit: dianadaviscreative/Mountain Lake Lodge

Dirty Dancing may be over three decades old now, but the resort certainly hasn't forgotten its ties with the beloved dance movie.

In fact, it is host to three annual Dirty Dancing-themed weekends, which entails a screening of the movie (of course), a sock hop, a scavenger hunt, a watermelon toss and group dance lessons.

Mountain Lake Lodge Credit: dianadaviscreative/Mountain Lake Lodge

So, why not take a trip to the real-life Kellerman's resort? Because you might just have the time of your life...