Men who can't grow beards are using FaceApp to grow one

FaceApp has been the focus of pretty much everyone's attention recently. The app, which originally launched back in 2017, has gone viral once again due to one particular filter. Yep, people have particularly been going crazy for the ageing filter which gives users a little peek into what to expect when they look in the mirror in about 30 or 40 years time.

And it's certainly not just us ordinary folk who have been undergoing the ageing treatment - plenty of celebrities have too - Drake, Miley Cyrus and Piers Morgan, to name just a few.

Now, before this sudden spike in popularity in the ageing filter, the app's gender swap feature was all the rage. But it gets even better (for some) because FaceApp also gives their beardless users the opportunity to see what they would look like with some facial hair.

The app is perfect for those who struggle to grow a beard in real life and have, as a result, always suffered from beard envy. But not so perfect for those who struggle to grow a beard and would rather not be left with an image featuring a totally unattainable version of themselves.

It's also not all that great for users of dating apps who happen to have a preference for beards - because you know plenty of beardless men will be using these filtered photos on their profiles to catfish people.

In any case, after applying the filter, many users have been taking to Twitter to share their results - and lament the fact that they are unable to grow as much facial hair as their filtered photos would suggest.

The tweets are best summed by user @Adaell90, who wistfully writes: "People keep trying to make themselves look old through FaceApp and here I am saddened by the beards I'll never be able to grow."

It's a hard life, right?