Bath & Body Works

Bath & Body Works is having a flash candle sale - everything is $10

Bath & Body Works have just dropped their biggest candle sale of the year, and every item is selling for a reasonable $10.50 (down from $24.50), with an additional 75% off select shower gels and body lotions.

The retailer's semi-annual sale is launched every year in January for their winter sale, and in June for their summer sale. The sales give fans of home fragrance products the chance to take advantage of incredible deals both in-store and online.

If you're the kind of person who wants to smell before you buy, then just head on down to your nearest Bath & Body Works store and get your hands on one there. Or, if that seems like much of a trek then you also have the option of buying online.

Bath & Body Works Credit: Bath & Body Works

And there's more - if you spend $40 or more (which would amount to four candles) at B&BW today, you'll get $10 taken off your next purchase, using the code 'HELLOHAUL' at the checkout. Luckily, with this sale, there is no limit to the number of jars you can buy.

If you are hoping to take advantage of the summer sale, it's best to buy as soon as you can as the $10.50 price tag won't be there for long.