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Trump and Macron's symbolic 'friendship tree' has died

When it comes to international relations between countries, symbolic gestures are extremely important.

Just think of the relationship fostered between the United States and France for example. The two countries have always valued the principles of liberty, justice, and democratic equality - and the friendship between the American people and their Gaullic counterparts is responsible for the construction of the Statue of Liberty.

Check out this video of Trump and Macron planting the tree below:

But one of these symbolic gestures was nothing more than a simple tree, planted by President Donald Trump and his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron, at the White House to symbolise the bond between the two nations.

However, according to a recent report from French Newspaper Le Monde, the oak given as a gift to the US president during Macron’s 2018 visit has now died.

The two men were filmed planting it by reporters, as Melania Trump and Brigitte Macron watched on. The tree reportedly came from Belleau Wood, north-east of Paris, in a forested area where 1,811 Americans died in a WWI battle against the Axis powers.

Le Monde published an image of a yellow patch of grass in the spot on the White House South Lawn where the tree was originally planted, showing that it had vanished. Apparently, it had been taken into quarantine during that time.

At the time of the tree's planting, president Macron tweeted: "100 years ago, American soldiers fought in France, in Belleau to defend our freedom. This oak tree (my gift to @realDonaldTrump) will be a reminder at the White House of these ties that bind us."

On social media, a number of people have ridiculed the symbolism of the tree dying:

This isn't the only symbolic gesture performed by Trump in honor of those lost in the war. Recently, Trump made a rare PDA by hugging a World War II veteran in front of the cameras.