Easter Bunny

Easter Bunny caught on camera throwing punches in Florida bar brawl

A Florida man in an Easter Bunny costume has gone viral after being recorded wading into a fight over the Easter weekend.

A dramatic video shows a woman fighting a man outside Orlando's Underground Public House on South Orange Avenue in Florida.

However, the Easter Bunny quickly steps in, attacking the man and raining a volley of punches on him before police intervene.

Here's footage of the Easter Bunny hopping into action: 

Speaking to NBC News, Sgt. David Baker confirmed that the fight had broken out at around 10:30pm that evening and no arrests were made.

The man behind the Bunny costume has stepped into the limelight to give his account of what went down that evening.

Speaking to ClickOrlando, cotton-tailed crusader Antoine McDonald revealed he simply had to step into the fight to help the woman, revealing he saw the man in the video spit on her.

"The guy was, I don't know if he was bullying her or what, so then I see him spit on her and she starts hitting him and everything. So I got over there so I could break up the fight, and with me trying to break up the fight, he got on top of her and hit her, so I had to try a different method, basically, to break up the fight, which actually worked."

Easter Bunny fighter Credit: ClickOrlando

When Josh Manes, who is a night manager at the bar where the fight occurred, came out to see what the commotion was all about, he was treated to the rather unique sight of a man fighting another man in an Easter Bunny costume.

"I was at a loss for words," Manes explained to NBC News. "I guess that's how Sundays, fun days go around here in Orlando. I can't be too surprised."

When the bunny was finally wrestled away from the man and the fight broken up, McDonald was so hopped up on adrenaline that he continued to shadowbox once the fight was over. Police found the entire situation so surreal that they reportedly initially thought the whole Easter scuffle had been staged.

Briefly, McDonald wondered if he was going to be arrested.

"The thought went through my head when the cop came over, but you know I didn't leave," he said. "I didn't run. I said, 'You know what? This man deserved it.' You know, if I have to be arrested for this to prove a point that this shouldn't be happening, then so be it."

"The officer came up to me and said, 'If you do that again I'm going to arrest you and the damned bunny suit," McDonald continued, but Manes explained that justice eventually prevailed as police realised that this was just a Good Samaritan. A Good Samaritan in an Easter Bunny costume, no less.

"The cops broke them up, they shook the hand of the guy in the bunny suit and let him go," Manes explained. "He was just partying, enjoying his Easter Sunday."