Bullied teen reportedly jumped from parking garage moments after posting Snapchat video

A 16-year-old girl ended her own life just moments after sharing a video of herself on Snapchat this weekend.

Hailey Nailor, a student at Danbury High School in Connecticut, jumped off the fifth-floor parking garage of the Danbury Fair Mall on Saturday afternoon following alleged bullying from her peers at school.

"Before she died, she recorded herself contemplating if she should go through with it," said 18-year-old Luis Lopez, a friend of Nailor's. "She sadly did go through with it."

Lt. Mark Williams of Danbury police confirmed the teen had fallen to her death, but said that there was no evidence to say that she had been coerced to do so.

Meanwhile, a post from Danbury School District Superintendent Sal Pascarella acknowledged Nailor's death, and stated that someone had shared "inappropriate information" about the teen.

"It is with great sorrow that I share information on the untimely passing of a Danbury High School student on Saturday, Feb 9, 2019," he said. "Our thoughts and deepest sympathies are extended to family and friends at this most difficult time."

He continued: "We are aware that an individual posted inappropriate information regarding the deceased online, and Mr. Donovan, DHS principal, is working with authorities to have it removed. We strongly recommend that if your child has viewed the posting(s) to have a discussion with them."

Hailey Nailor Credit: Facebook

In a post about the incident on Facebook, one of Nailor's friends, Maria Garcia, wrote a moving tribute reading:

"This beautiful, intelligent, caring, loving girl took her life on Saturday morning of February 9th. She never deserved what she went through or what got her to that point to make that decision. Many many people cared about her and are so devastated by this unbearable tragedy. She was a great friend to me and always had my back through everything as well to many others. It’s heartbreaking to know she went the way she did and I wish with every ounce of me I could of [sic] helped her make the right decision or someone else could have."

Garcia also noted that she was hosting a vigil for her friend, and wanted attendees to support Nailor by wearing her favourite colours.

"I would like to hold a Candlelight Vigil for her to Celebrate her life and get her story out there and show her that people did care about her," she wrote. "Saturday, February 16 around 5 o’clock Danbury Fair mall CT held at JcPenneys parking lot wear white and blue those were her favorite colors. Please bring your own candles but if your not able to I will bring extra. I would like to have as many people as possible to attend to remember her and make sure she’s never forgotten." [sic]

Danbury High School has stated it will be offering support to students who have been affected by Nailor's death.