Domino's manager calls cops on family after they complain about cold delivery pizza

Everybody makes mistakes.

Look, guys, I know that in our daily lives, we all come across people who aren't as sharp or competent as we'd like them to be. It's a daily stress, but it's important that we try to show people the level of understanding and compassion we'd like to experience, were the shoe on the other foot. Empathy and all that.

So, when you're at a fast food joint and the service isn't quite up to your standard, point out the problems, yes, but accept that the fast food worker, like you, is human, and is deserving of your respect. But when said fast food worker is rude in response, that's pretty messed up. Especially when they try to call the cops on you. Not cool.

But that's the exact situation we find ourselves in, as Gloucestershire Live reports that a family was unhappy with the temperature of their pizza at Domino's, and somehow ended up getting arrested over it. I'd go to jail for pizza, but not like that. Attempted murder or grand larceny, sure, but not like that.

Here's the situation: Fay James and her family out in Gloucester wanted what we all want, deep down: a nice juicy pizza. The good news is that they lived a mere eight-minute drive from their nearest location. The bad news? There was no excuse when said pizza turned up cold.

"The whole order was stone cold and we only live eight minutes away," explained James.

"We tried to tell the driver but he just walked off. I then spent the next 45 minutes chasing up a replacement to be told by the manager they were too busy and it would be three hours. She said if I wasn't happy to ring customer services the next day as there was nothing else she could do."

Now, truth be told, that's pretty awful from those at Domino's Pizza - those who have the job of distributing lovely pizza also have the responsibility to be kind to us pizza lovers. But after they showed up and the manager refused to speak to them about their pizza order, instead of giving up and ordering the (vastly superior) Pizza Hut instead, that's when the James family resorted to peaceful protest.

Filming the joint with 10-year-old daughter in tow, James stayed in the restaurant for a full 90 minutes waiting for a resolution on her cold pizza issue, but instead only succeeded in being asked to leave every so often. Finally, once closing time arrived at 11pm, the manager left them with a choice: leave the restaurant, or she'd call the cops.

"I said if she gave us a refund or a replacement that we have been waiting for then we would leave," recalled James, and that's when it really went down.

"So she pressed the panic button. When the police called the store she claimed we were aggressive, abusive and had caused damage to the door. None of that was true. The police came and told her to refund us. At the moment I'm still waiting for it on my card so I don't know if she actually has or not."

"All I wanted was an apology and my money back but she refused and never once apologised for the cold food," complained James, and for their part, Domino's apologised to the family in question following the incident.

"We apologise for any upset caused to our customer and her family. We have issued a refund and some complimentary vouchers as a gesture of good will, which have been accepted. We have also reminded our team members of the high standard of service required at all times."

The family ended up with a discount of 50 percent since their order was over £40, but they'll never get those hours back.