Aaron Hernandez reportedly had relations with his high school quarterback

NFL star-turned-alleged-murderer Aaron Hernandez reportedly hid a long-term sexual relationship with a high school quarterback, it has been claimed.

It has also been alleged that the former New England Patriots star, who killed himself in prison while serving a life sentence for the murder of Odin Lloyd, was molested as a young child.

As a rising football star in his hometown of Bristol, Connecticut, Hernandez allegedly found himself in a secret sexual relationship with teammate Dennis SanSoucie.

In an interview with The Boston Globe, his lover claimed that the couple first began their sexual relationship in middle school and it continued into high school, where they would smoke marijuana before and after football practice.

"Me and him were very much into trying to hide what we were doing. We didn't want people to know," SanSoucie, who later joined the US Marines, told the Boston Globe.

The secrecy with his gay lover was in part due to the traditional community in which they lived, but also due to the future football star's home life.

Jonathan Hernandez, Hernandez's older brother, has claimed that their father ran a home in which homophobia was rampant and abuse was a frequent occurrence.

Claiming that his father had concerns that Hernandez "had a feminine way about him", Jonathan said that their father used to watch how his youngest son "stood or used his hands" and became angry when he expressed an interest in cheerleading.

"He wanted to be a cheerleader. My cousins were cheerleaders and amazing," the 32-year-old, recalled. "And I remember coming home and my dad put an end to that real quick. And it was not okay. My dad made it clear that he had his definition of a man." He added that their father frequently used the term "f****t".

"Standing. Talking. Acting. Looking. It was the furthest thing my father wanted you to even look like in our household," he continued. "This was not acceptable to him."

Jonathan also recalled their father using violence as a punishment for what he deemed unacceptable behaviour. For instance, they would get "beaten and brutalized" if he felt they were not working hard enough at school or at football. Or just for no reason at all.

Speaking about one incident, in particular, Jonathan claimed that he threatened to call the authorities, but his dad remained unfazed.

"I picked up the phone once to call, to seek help," he said. "And his response was. 'Call them.' And he handed me the phone, and he said 'I'm going to beat you even harder, you and your brother, and they're going to have to pull me off of you when they knock down the door.'"

Jonathan also disclosed that his brother was sexually abused when he was a boy, stating that he first became aware of this when they were both adults. He declined to go into further, refusing to name his abuser. The football player's lawyer also alleged he suffered from child sexual abuse.

Hernandez later started a relationship with Shayanna Jenkins, who would later become his fiancee and mother of his child.

He was found hanging from a bedsheet in his prison cell on April 19, 2017. His suicide took place five days after he was acquitted of the double homicide of Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado.