Woman shares side-by-side photos on Instagram to show how different you can look without editing

While Instagram has given birth to the body-positivity movement and is awash with bloggers encouraging their followers to learn to embrace their "flaws," the app has also had some seriously detrimental effects when it comes to body image.

One quick scroll down your Instagram discovery page and you will be inundated with models, bloggers and vloggers who have enviable figures that the majority of us can only dream of. While they may tell us to embrace our own bodies, it can often seem easy for them to say so when they look that good.

One thing that is key to remember when it comes to these Instagram models is that a lot of their photos will be edited or staged in a way to make them appear more svelte or muscular. While there is no "slimming filter" on the app, there are certain techniques that these influencers can use to make their images ready for the 'gram.

Beck Jackson, a 23-year-old Australian Influencer, recently shared side-by-side photos that show how different you can appear without editing. The fitness enthusiast's upload showed the influence of leggings when it comes to your appearance. The post proved popular, with it receiving over 7,800 likes on the app.

Writing a lengthy caption about the difference between high-waisted and low-rise clothing, Jackson wrote:

"Why don't you have a muffin top? This question always makes me laugh because honestly, most people have a muffin top to some degree I just don't wear anything low rise that hugs that part of my waist."

Beck says that she isn't a fan of low rise jeans due to them being uncomfortable to wear:

"Low rise jeans or tights are SO uncomfortable to me, they show your butt crack and dig into your waistline making you look like you're carrying more fat than you actually are.

"If you'll notice, pretty much everything I wear is high waisted, or at least semi-high waisted - tights, jeans, skirts, EVERYTHING!

"If it’s not high waisted I’m not buying it."

Despite her preferences, Beck makes the point that you should buy whatever makes you feel comfortable, no matter what style:

"But I have some friends who only wear low rise clothes and you know what? They look bloody fantastic!

"It all comes down to wearing clothes that make you feel comfortable."

The influencer ends her message by encouraging people to love their bodies:

"Muffin tops, love handles, cellulite, armpit fat are all a natural part of life.

"It doesn’t mean you're unhealthy or unattractive or anything less than any girl (or boy) who doesn't have those things - it’s just the way your body carries your fat and skin because everyone carries fat and muscle differently.

"You could be the exact same height and weight as someone else and your body will look TOTALLY different! That’s why it’s so so stupid to compare your body to someone else’s body."

As Beck says, comparing your body to someone else's is stupid. While social media has been good for a lot of things, it can make us feel inadequate. If you're finding that this is the impact it's having on yourself, take some time away from it.