Woman shares her genius hack for when 'a creep' asks for your number and everyone should know it

It's a sad fact of life that the majority of people will have dealt with a creepy/sleazy person at some point over the years. Whether it's at the bar, in the street or even in the office; the likelihood is that it's happened. In fact, alarmingly, 80% of women admit having been on the receiving end of some form of sexual harassment; a figure that is horrendously high.

However, no matter how many times you may call a someone "buddy" or swerve their physical advances, some people are unrelenting. This pressure, intertwined with the fear of what would happen if you flat-out reject them, can often lead to you handing out your number to just appease their appetite.

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Thankfully, however, some people have a solution.

Taking to Twitter @tricookingqueen shared four fake "hotline" numbers to give out to creeps who are after your digits. Her tweet swiftly went viral, with it receiving over 100,000 retweets and 220,000 likes. It reads:

"IF A CREEP WANTS YOUR NUMBER 605-475-6968 -Rejection hotline, politely explains that whoever gave you this number turned you down 866-740-4531 -Responds with "I am Groot" 515-808-2362 -Only plays the John Cena thing 309-889-0497 -Plays the Evangelion theme RT to save a life!"

Sadly, only one of the numbers are real and that's the first one. The others are completely made up.

However, the rejection hotline is a real thing and, if you need a bit of backup, the Feminist Phone Intervention Line also exists to school people on how not to be a patriarchal punk. That number is: 669-221-6251.

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If you call or text that number, you will get an automatically generated message with a quote from feminist author and activist, Gloria Jean Watkins. Speaking about the idea behind the hotline, the creator told The Hairpin that it was created to deal with guys who may get hostile if you reject them:

"The idea came to me after the NYPost printed bikini photos of the woman who “spurned” Elliot Rodgers. Despite the fact that she was only 10 years old at the time they met, she was portrayed as having romantically rejected Rodgers.

"The idea is to pass that off as one’s own number if you’re in a dicey situation, afraid to give out your personal cell phone number or outright reject somebody. The number is 669–221–6251. (We originally wanted 669/UGH-ASIF, but it was taken…)

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"It will automatically respond to text messages as well as calls! That way, you don’t have to deal with a threatening person, *and* they get some free feminist lessons thrown in.

"We are thinking of putting up a Gmail account too, which would automatically respond with 'Thank you for your note. However, I am away on vacation — from the patriarchy.'"

Please, go forth and spread these numbers to help your friends out in hostile situations. Also, if anyone knows how to do it, someone please make a John Cena and Groot Hotline. Please.