This daring new bikini trend is taking Instagram by storm

At first glance, bikinis seem pretty straightforward as a choice of swimwear, but think about it a little bit more and there are so many different things you've got to keep in mind.

Colour is one thing, but there are so many styles bikinis come in that I didn't really think about until now, and ahead of the summer months (which are just around the corner now) there might be another trend on the horizon.

Bikinis famously only cover around 10 percent of the body, and for the most part, it's the same 10 per cent getting covered. But a new bikini trend utilises pressure to defy gravity, for one of the more precarious versions of the popular swimwear.

Check out the underboob bikini, which trades less cleavage up top for a whole lot of cleavage under the bikini, and it's a pretty risky two-piece to take on.

There are many such underboobs making the rounds ahead of swimsuit season, but let's for the moment focus on the underboob bikini being advertised by Oh Polly, who pose the question: "Wanna cover up, but don't really wanna cover up?"

"Our cropped t-shirt bikini is gonna give major swim envy at any pool party," they continue, adding that their version of the bikini comes in both black and blue, and has even been modelled by the influencer Sarah Ashcroft.

Here's Sarah Ashcroft showing off that underboob bikini:

Yeah, it looks like only the boldest of us will be willing to pull off this underboob bikini, but you've got to hand it to bikini designers for continuing to push the envelope when it comes to this kind of thing, right?