KFC's incredible Cheetos-stuffed sandwich is coming to stores nationwide

If you can't get enough of Cheetos and KFC, then today is your lucky day! The fried chicken restaurant has announced that its viral Cheetos sandwich will soon be available to the masses.

Available from the 1st of July, the Cheetos sandwich will contain exactly what it did in its viral test: fried chicken, a pile of Cheetos, and a custom Cheetos sauce made by Frito-Lay.

However, as is the case will all new menu items, it will initially be available for a limited time only.

KFC's Cheeto's sandwich. Credit: KFC

So, in short, buy investing in the sandwich, you'll be getting a lot more for your buck than if you combined a normal KFC sandwich and Cheetos because of that sauce.

As if this news wasn't already mouthwatering enough, KFC and Cheetos will also be opening a pop up in New York, featuring a number of other exclusive items.

Its set to open on June 27th and its offerings will include a KFC Mac and Cheetos Bowl, Cheetos Loaded Fries, and KFC Cheetos Hot Wings. However, they will only be available for the duration of the op up - four hours.

Thankfully, the Cheetos sandwich will be available the whole of July!