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Every celebrity is doing this pose on Instagram to make their legs look super long

Instagram seems to regurgitate trend after trend, from McDonald's brows to the "headache pose" and that red spotted wrap dress that everyone seems to be wearing this summer. But there's a new trend that appears to be doing the rounds, though it's not easy to notice right away.

It's a way of posing for a full-body shot and is something that only a select few seem to know about. It's simple enough, and models, celebrities and influencers alike love it because it makes your legs look super long and slender. Everyone from Emily Ratajkowski to Ashley Graham and most of the Kardashians do it, and you probably haven't even noticed.

Especially now that everyone appears to be going on summer holidays, you may have spotted a bit of heel-poppin', knee-bending and tippy-toe action going on in your Instagram feed. Yep, it's a simple stance that has the same effect as wearing heels, and people are loving it.

Who What Wear dubbed the pose "Barbie Feet", due to the fact that it makes you look like you've got the permanently pointed feet that Barbie has. Because she's designed to wear heels, her plastic feet are made so it looks like she's always on her toes if you haven't dressed her with shoes. Of course, many of the newer Barbies and their decidedly more feminist designs don't have the same feet.

But still, we get the point. There's no denying that heels are very flattering – lengthening your legs dramatically and making your booty seem more pert than usual too. However, many of us can't stand wearing heels for too long, and it's a well-known fact that it isn't really good for your body in the long run either.

So it seems that the Barbie Feet pose might be more ingenious than previously believed! All the celebs, models and influencers are in on it too, often striking the pose in snaps for their Instagram. You'll notice it especially in full-body shots where they're barefoot or wearing sneakers.

Kourtney Kardashian and her squad are fans

As is Ashley Graham

Chrissy Teigen knows the trick

As does Rihanna

Here's Emily again, proving that she's a master of the pose

Bella Hadid tries it out while lying down

Shay Mitchell while balancing on a boat

Kendall Jenner elongates her legs while staying seated

And Kim Kardashian does it while sitting on the floor

Do I even need to mention all the models that do the pose?

As you can see, there's nothing much to it. All you need to do is imagine you're wearing heels – on both feet or just one, and then position yourself so that you're on your toes, but also looking casual and not at risk of toppling over.

Sounds like a piece of cake, right?