Couple goes viral for the most hilariously disturbing maternity shoot of all time

Normally, maternity photo shoots are bursting to the brim with smiling couples, beautiful nature and soft pastel colours. However, one Canadian couple from British Columbia recently decided to mix things up, and ended up going viral for the most hilariously disturbing maternity shoot of all time.

Todd and Nicole Cameron's photo op starts out completely normal, with the soon-to-be mother lovingly cradling her pregnancy bump. The next thing you know, things have gone to a place you never imagined it could do, with Nicole giving birth to a... a... well, you should just see this for yourself.

DISCLAIMER: Not to be viewed while eating.

1. Things start out pretty inconspicuously, with the happy couple showing off their baby bump

2. Todd decides to compare the bump to a pumpkin

3. He kisses the bump, just like any loving soon-to-be father would

4. The couple take a well-earned rest on the ground - this maternity shoot thing ain't easy, ya know

5. But wait... what's going on?

6. Could Nicole be in labour?

7. Okay, she's definitely in labour

8. But, wait. Why is the bump so pointy?

9. Oh my God

10. OH MY GOD!!!

11. WHAT IS IT?!

12. I would let it run away if I were you, Todd...

13. Nope, he's determined to be a daddy no matter what

14. Is it just me or is this kind of... sweet?

15. The happy family together again

16. Newborns are the cutest aren't they?

17. I wonder what he will grow up to be

You can follow young Burston and his family's adventures through the Instagram account @burstonoutcameron.