Cop making routine call on elderly woman notices her overgrown lawn - so he mowed it

The power of kindness is often underestimated - but one police officer in Minnesota was there to remind us all of the worth of a good deed this week when he decided to help an elderly woman out.

Orono cop Matt Siltala was on a routine welfare check at a resident's home on Thursday when he noticed that her yard was unkempt.

Deciding to inquire about the mess, he asked the unidentified woman why it was in that state, and she replied saying she had no one to mow it for her.

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Soon after, Officer Siltala had grabbed the lawnmower and cut the grass in the front yard - and was caught on camera doing so by his colleague, Officer McCoy.

The picture was uploaded to social media by the Orono Police Department and quickly went viral, with more than 2,400 likes, 400 shares and 220 comments.

In their caption, the police department wrote of their pride and named the officer's decision to help when he didn't necessarily have to as "very cool".

"I cannot say how proud stuff like this makes us," they wrote. "Officer Matt Siltala was called to this residents home on a welfare check today. She was ok and Matt asked her why her yard is so unkempt. She said she doesn't have anyone to mow for her. He grabbed her mower and cut the front yard. Very cool."

Cop mowing grass Credit: Orono Police Department/Facebook

They jokingly added: "But, not sure why Officer McCoy, who took the picture, couldn't grab the trimmer... Must be a union issue..."

The image thrilled people online, who took to the comment section to express their joy. "That is wonderful ~ taking “to serve and protect” to a whole new level! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼," wrote Patti McAninch, while Jennifer Williams Nelson added: "I love seeing this kind of stuff! Way to go Orono PD! That is awesome!".

Betty Foss Schors also commented, claiming that love had won again. "Kindness and compassion needs to be taught from a young age. Love wins again. Thank you to the officer who took the time to help this lady out. Remember everyone you will be elderly some day," she said.

Police said in a followup comment that other people have since inquired about helping the woman with her lawn.

The story serves to remind us that whenever we're feeling bleak about the world, kindness is always there - you just have to open your eyes.