ASDA is now selling a chicken kebab pizza with hot sauce

It's 2019, and you're still just ordering pepperoni pizza? What's wrong with you?! Do you also own a VCR, fax machine and typewriter? Today there are tons of unique pizza toppings available, from roast beef and gravy to pineapple and spaghetti to garlic and clams. Mmm, garlic and clams. The future is now!

Okay, maybe those creative concoctions didn't tickle your fancy, this combination might make your mouth water: Asda is rolling out a 10-inch chicken kebab pizza for summer, and it costs just £2.50 ($3.17). The tasty treat includes spicy chicken, fresh jalapeños, garlic mayonnaise and a splash of hot chili sauce.

chicken kebab pizza Credit: Asda

"At Asda, we love creating unique pizzas that bring something different to the counter and our customers’ dining tables," a spokesperson said, per The Daily Star. "This summer, we’ve merged two of the most popular takeaway items and created the ultimate hybrid - perfect for enjoying on lazy evenings in the sun or with friends on a weekend."

Sorry, roast beef and gravy pizza, pineapple and spaghetti pizza, and garlic and clams pizza. It looks a new combination has taken the Iron Throne! The chicken kebab pizza is exclusively available in-store at Asda, which has 645 branches across the United Kingdom. (Better book your plane ticket now, Americans!)

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