Aldi is selling an outdoor heater with built-in speakers and mood lighting

Those poor fools in Westeros are suffering the throes of a long winter, but summer is here for all of us in real life! Pants, sweaters, and coats, you are officially trash. Time to switch to skimpy apparel like shorts, tanktops and dresses to take advantage of the sun-kissed weather.

Of course, the nights will be chilly, but there's no need to end the barbecue early. Aldi is offering a pretty sweet product that will keep the party going: an electric outdoor heater with built-in Bluetooth speakers and LED mood lighting.

The patio-ready warmer measures 135cm (53 inches), retails for £99.99 ($125), and is only available online. If you place an order, it will ship on May 23, just in time for the summer.

Aldi Electric Heater With Speakers Credit: Aldi

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