Aldi is selling a wooden tree house with a slide this week

There are a lot of toys and playhouses out there for small children to enjoy, but that doesn't mean it's easy-going on parents. So many outlets can charge you extortionate rates, ones that you'll probably fork out for if you can, knowing that it's something your kids really really want.

Saying that, you spend all that dough and find that they've gotten bored of it or decided to move onto the next big thing so soon you wonder whether it was worth it. That's what makes this particular wooden lookout playhouse a great option - it provides endless entertainment and is nowhere near as expensive as other options just like it.

aldi wooden lookout playhouse Credit: Aldi

Aldi is selling one of these two-storey Wendy houses for just £179.99 ($233), and it comes with its own little staircase and 1.8-metre plastic slide. This price is pretty cheap, and when you compare it to Amazon's £285 ($370) version or even Argos' £899.99 ($1165) example, it looks like an even better buy.

It has a roof to make it usable in rainy weather, and a shaded space underneath which can easily be made into a sand pit. Including the slide, it measures 244 cm by 142 cm by 261 cm, and is suitable for children aged three to eight.

aldi wooden lookout playhouse Credit: Aldi

The wood, which is pine spruce and natural, is pre-drilled for a fairly easy assembly, with Aldi suggesting it would take two adults a couple of hours to put the entire thing together. The entire structure has a one year warranty, but the wood comes with a five-year guarantee if it begins to rot.

The playhouse is available online from Aldi from May 19, but there's a pre-order option available if you just can't wait to grab yourself one of these fun garden additions just in time for the summer!