9 Products that are actually designed with left-handed people in mind

Lefties have a tough time of it. Doomed to smear birthday cards with their inky side hand, use measuring tapes upside-down and always have a tough time getting into a bottle of wine, they honestly got the short straw when it came to this thing we call life. Not to mention the fact that every time they pull out a pen, they're destined to answer that dreaded question: "Oh, are you left-handed?"

But we've got news for you, lefties! Life is about to get a whole lot better and it's all because some kind-hearted people (let's face it: likely left-handers themselves) have created devices specially designed to help you navigate your way through this world. Time to get the credit card out!

A measuring tape readable for both lefties and righties

Find on Amazon for $9.99

Tapemeasure Credit: Amazon

Left-handed scissors to put a stop to those achy post-crafting hands

Find on Amazon for $8.97

Left-handed scissors Credit: Amazon

A deck of playing cards lefties can actually fan out the way they want (did anyone else not realise how annoying that is until they saw these cards?)

Two packs on Amazon for $12.95

Left-handed playing cards Credit: Amazon

Pencils, to remind you that you're in your right mind even though you're left-handed

Find on Etsy for $8.30

Left-handed pencils Credit: Etsy/The Carbon Crusader

Left-Hander's 2020 Weekly Diary Planner with spiral binding on the other side

Find on Amazon for $10.52

Left-handed calendar Credit: Amazon

A left-handed can opener for all the lefty soup lovers out there

Find on Amazon for $19.95

Left-handed can opener Credit: Amazon

An ergonomic, angled pen to keep you from smearing ink all the way down the side of your hand

Find on Amazon for $7.49

Helix Maped Visio Ballpoint Pen Credit: Amazon

A counterclockwise corkscrew that will help you get into that wine that much faster

Find on Amazon for $19.99

Left-handed bottle opener Credit: Amazon

A shirt for when your mate looks at you in shock and says: "Wait, you're a lefty?"

Left-handed shirt Credit: Etsy/CozyGal

God bless the people who made these items! But if you're still questioning your own existence, find out the real reason you're left-handed here.