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8 women reveal the most adorably unconventional dates they've ever been on

Especially since the introduction of Tinder, it seems that romance and dating has become a by-the-books formula. Maybe it looks like going for coffee on the first date, drinks on the second, or perhaps you're up for a friskier 'Netflix and chill' type thing straight away. The point is that no matter what, you usually know what you're getting.

But dating doesn't need to be boring. You can avoid all the cliches and predictable evenings with the person you're interested in just by getting a little creative when it comes to what you actually do on your date.

Whether it's visiting a botanical garden and chatting while you point at all the cacti and comment on how alien it looks, or going to some other barely-visited-by-couples location, there's no excuse for not being able to think of a cool date idea. But if you do need some inspiration, take notes from these eight people – they've shared their best unconventional date ideas on Reddit.

1. Plan a picnic with a twist

"We went to a supermarket and had 5 minutes to buy each other lunch - it was fun racing around, trying to find things we thought we would each like, and trying to sneak around the aisles unseen and accidentally bumping into each other.

Then we walked to a park nearby and revealed our picnic and just sat and talked and ate - very simple idea, but very sweet and lots of fun!"

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2. Go on a cheap day trip to another city

"A day trip to London (my favourite city). I live in Dublin, and London is only about 50 minutes away by plane. My fiancé surprised me with a Saturday trip there because I was having a bad week. The flights were really cheap too. Only about €50 ($58) return."

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3. Brave a ghost tour together

"There’s just something nice about hearing a spooky story while walking outside at night."

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4. Pick out books for each other

"[My] boyfriend took me to a bookstore specializing in rare books, and we picked out a book for each other. It was the sweetest thing, and it really helps you learn more about your partner and how they think of you, and how well they know your interests."

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5. Make an effort to watch a sunrise together (and go for brunch after)

"We woke up before dawn, and we drove together to watch the sun rising over Lake Michigan. It was the day after Christmas and bitterly cold. I think it was below zero. The sunrise was especially beautiful that morning; the clouds were so full and puffy and formed these weird, colorful towers over the horizon. We blasted the heat, sang along to music, and had considerable trouble deciding whether to gaze at the perfect sky outside the window or each other. At some point when we were sitting next to each other, I realized I was falling in love with him.

We're still very much in love, and the picture from that particular sunrise is still his background on his phone."

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6. Do some sneaky urban exploration

"There was an abandoned Dinosaur amusement park near me that closed down in the 60s/70s. I told a guy to meet me there and we’d sneak in. Was actually a lot of fun. Dude probably thought I was crazy though."

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7. Hang out at a hardware store

"Blind date to Home Depot, he knew I was different so we went to a store that had classes in doing tile and grout mosaic wall designs, build a bird house and the. We walked around the store and just chatted with a cup of coffee. A really fun inexpensive date that gave us time to talk and have fun without being super serious. I loved it and think of it each time I walk the tile area of any hardware store. Forgot to add, he bought me a fig tree as a gift while we were there. I was with him for a few months, but I have had the tree for about 19 years."

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8. Pat animals together

"A guy took me to the animal shelter on our second date. We spent 2 hours petting cats. He took me to dinner after. We’ve been together for 4 years now. That dude is the love of my life."

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Hot date coming up? You'll be sure to impress by suggesting any of these quirky ideas...