kendall jenner fourth of july celebrity instagrams

19 of the best celebrity Instagram posts from the 4th of July 

As divided as the United States has become in the past year or so, there's nothing that brings everyone together to celebrate 'Murca and everything it stands for like the Fourth of July. The date marks America's independence from the British Empire back in 1776, and naturally, the date now lends itself to a public holiday where people usually head away somewhere to celebrate with family and friends.

In 2018, there's no way to commemorate Independence Day without documenting what you did on Instagram. Whether that's giving your countless sh*tty videos of fireworks a home on your feed, or showing off your American flag swimsuit as you frolic around doing various summer-themed activities, it seems that if you didn't Instagram it, you don't even care about America.

Our favourite celebrities were sure to share what they were up to, and whether it's going down a slide at a water park like Gal Gadot or manning the grill like Gigi Hadid, this is what everyone was up to.

1. Kendall Jenner taking it easy

2. Gal Gadot whizzing down a water slide

3. Reese Witherspoon loved bringing all her nautical stripes together

4. Selena Gomez catching up with old friends

5. Jessica Alba sipping a cool bevvie

6. Zayn... uh... well, you know what he's up to

7. While Gigi Hadid supervised the grill at the same party

8. Kate Hudson flashed some very patriotic boots (and her baby bump!)

9. Chrissy Teigen and her incognito "hot dogs"

10. Drew Barrymore danced with dogs

11. And Kerry Washington made sure her pooch felt included too

12. Jenna Dewan making sure she stays active while away

13. Shay Mitchell celebrated from abroad

14. As did Kourtney Kardashian

15. Sarah Michelle Gellar got her cake decorating kit out

16. Kylie Jenner treated fans to a 40 per cent makeup discount

17. Britney Spears enjoyed the fireworks

18. As did Katie Holmes

19. And lastly, who can forget this image of Jay Z playing it safe in the waters...

By the looks of it, 2018's Fourth of July was certainly enjoyed by our favourite celebs, though I still highly doubt whether Katie Holmes will ever look at that slow-mo video of the fireworks ever again...