10 Amazing experiences where keeping your glasses on can be a challenge

As any glasses-wearer will know, specs can be absolute lifesavers at times - but also a little inconvenient at others. They help us get by on a day-to-day basis, sure, and we'd certainly struggle a lot without them - but I bet most of us wish we didn't have to rely on them so much.

Travelling, in particular, can sometimes prove to be a struggle for the visually-impaired amongst us, especially when there's a physical activity involved. And, as the start of the year is the time for planning ahead and maybe taking a chance at something new, you may be looking at the adventures the world has to offer and thinking, "But how am I supposed to do this with my glasses on?"

Now, you may be very attached to your frames (which is totally understandable, geek chic is where it's at), but there are just some things that are worth swapping them out for contacts. Just take a look through this list of once-in-a-lifetime experiences, for example, and then tell us that you're better off sticking with your trusty spectacles...

1. Zipline down a volcano in Costa Rica

Arenal Volcano offers visitors the opportunity to zipline through the surrounding forests - you sure wouldn't want to miss out on that view!

COSTA RICA - 2009/12/08: Costa Rica, View Of Arenal Volcano. (Photo by Wolfgang Kaehler/LightRocket via Getty Images) Credit: Getty

2. Take part in the annual cheese roll in Gloucestershire

It may sound mad, but - deep down - who doesn't want to risk a broken femur for the sake of winning some nice gouda? Broken lenses on the other hand, not so much.

Competitors run and tumble down Coopers Hill in pursuit of a fake foam round Double Gloucester cheese during the annual cheese rolling and wake near the village of Brockworth near Gloucester in western England on May 27, 2013. With a disputed history dating back to at least the 1800s, the annual Cooper's Hill Cheese Rolling involves hordes of fearless competitors chasing an eight pound Double Gloucester cheese down a steep hill. The slope has a gradient in places of 1-in-2 and in others 1-in-1, its surface is very rough and uneven and it is almost impossible to remain on foot for the descent. The winner of the race down the hill wins the cheese. AFP PHOTO/CARL COURT (Photo credit should read CARL COURT/AFP/Getty Images) Credit: Getty

3. Running of the bulls in Pamplona

Think you're tough enough to take on a whole tonne of meat and muscle? Well, here's the thing for you. You really ought to be able to see where you're going, though.

PAMPLONA, SPAIN - JULY 11: A fighting bull goes around Estafeta corner on the sixth day of the San Fermin running-of-the-bulls on July 11, 2011 in Pamplona, Spain. Pamplona's famous Fiesta de San Fermin, which involves the running of the bulls through the historic heart of Pamplona for eight days starting July 7th, was made famous by the 1926 novel of U.S. writer Ernest Hemmingway called 'The Sun Also Rises.' (Photo by Denis Doyle/Getty Images) Credit: Getty

4. Riding Kingda Ka at Six Flags

The tallest coaster in the world might have a lot of people losing their cool, but it'll also have you losing your glasses if you're not careful.

JACKSON, NJ - MAY 8: The world's tallest and fastest roller coaster, Kingda Ka, still awaits its first paying customers, May 8, 2005 at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey. A glitch in one of the test runs has kept it out of service at the park's busiest time of the year. Riders will be rocketed forward from 0 to 128 miles per hour in 3.5 seconds and then sent flying upward, at a 90 degree angle, to a height of 456 feet (about 45 stories). They are then dropped straight down 418 feet while experiencing a three-quarter spiral, whoshed over a 129-foot hill, and will glide to a stop, all in just 50.6 seconds. (Photo by Joe McNally/Getty Images) Credit: Getty

5. Chill out with the apes in Gibraltar

These little guys may look super cute - and they are! - but they will pinch your food/specs/camera faster than you can say, "I wish I'd bought travel insurance!"

Barbary Macaque (Macaca sylvanus). Gibraltar, UK (Photo by: myLoupe/Universal Images Group via Getty Images) Credit: Getty

6. Get messy at the La Tomatina festival

This one is for everyone who wants to get back at the parents who wouldn't let them play with their food. Not so much for people who insist on wearing their £500 glasses everywhere they go.

BUNOL, SPAIN - AUGUST 30: Revellers enjoy the atmosphere in tomato pulp while participating the annual Tomatina festival on August 30, 2017 in Bunol, Spain. An estimated 22,000 people threw 150 tons of ripe tomatoes in the world's biggest tomato fight held annually in this Spanish Mediterranean town. (Photo by Pablo Blazquez Dominguez/Getty Images) Credit: Getty

7. Bungee jumping in New Zealand

Every experience has its ups and downs - this one more than most! Do we even need to explain why this isn't exactly a glasses-friendly activity?

NEW ZEALAND - FEBRUARY 9: Bungee jumping over the Waikato river, Taupo, North island, New Zealand. (Photo by DeAgostini/Getty Images) Credit: Getty

8. Holi Festival in India

Now celebrated all over the world, Holi is an opportunity to really show your true colours, and you won't want to compromise your vision in any way when experiencing it.

VRINDAVAN, INDIA - MARCH 27: Hindu devotees play with colour during Holi celebrations at the Banke Bihari temple on March 27, 2013 in Vrindavan, India. The tradition of playing with colours on Holi draws its roots from a legend of Radha and the Hindu God Krishna. It is believed that young Krishna was jealous of Radha's fair complexion since he himself was very dark. After questioning his mother Yashoda on the darkness of his complexion, Yashoda, teasingly asked him to colour Radha's face in which ever colour he wanted. In a mischievous mood, Krishna applied colour on Radha's face. The tradition of applying color on one's beloved is being religiously followed till date. (Photo by Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images) Credit: Getty

9. Clubbing the night away in Ibiza

While contact lenses aren't a prerequisite for a good night out, clubbing on the sunny island of Ibiza would certainly be improved without having to worry about your specs falling off and getting trodden on. Instead why don't you kick back, grab a cocktail and enjoy the some of the best clubs Europe has to offer!

IBIZA, SPAIN - JULY 17: DJ Claude VonStroke performs in front of club goers at Space nightclub, Ibiza, July 17, 2011. (Photo by Joseph Branston/Future Music magazine via Getty Images) Credit: Getty

10. Cycle 'Death Road' in Bolivia

If you're a thrill seeker looking for a serious dose of adventure, then look no further! Cycling Bolivia's 'Death Road' is a notoriously fun way to explore the beautiful South American country, but cycling in glasses is a bit of a no-no. Our advice? Don't look down!

All of these places look truly amazing, it has to be said - but relying on your glasses to experience them fully might be a risky move. So, unless you fancy losing your frames to a wild rock ape or smashing them to smithereens while throwing tomatoes at your friends, you might want to consider investing in some contact lenses at Specsavers.