Here's what was on the menu for Princess Eugenie's Royal Wedding reception

Ah, I've missed talking about Royal Weddings, and the relative foods those royals eat at special occasions. The year 2018's been a weird one for social interactions, popular culture (not to mention the concept of democracy as we know it), but by God we've had some darned good royal events.

Of course, we started with the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle back in May, with elderflower cakes, a separate menu for the esteemed guests with food trucks pizza deliveries for the rest. Then, there was the birth of Prince Louis, plus seven-year-old wedding cake to get us all excited.

Or nauseous, depending on how you view really-old cake.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Credit: Getty

But since then, royal cookbooks (and Prince Harry thievery) aside, we've had precious little to shout about in the three months since we welcomed Prince Louis into the world. No longer, my royal-event-hungry brothers and sisters; Princess Eugenie tied the knot with longtime boyfriend Jack Brooksbank, and you can be sure there was food to be had. Let's talk about that a little more.

Okay, let's begin with the most important food item at any Royal Wedding: the wedding cake.

Look at it, in all of its cakey glory. Delicious looking, isn't it? According to the Royal Family themselves, this layered bit of heaven is a "traditional red velvet and chocolate cake for their special day", adding that it'll "include a modern feel, incorporating the rich colors of autumn in its design and be covered with detailed sugar work including ivy".


It'll be designed by costume-designer-turned-cake-designer Sophie Cabot, and it won't be too much of a surprise to learn that she was delighted to get to design a royal wedding cake.

"I am incredibly excited to be given this wonderful opportunity to create such a special and unique cake. It has been lovely working with Princess Eugenie and Jack and I really hope they enjoy the cake on the day."

Sweet. Literally. Now, we've got the cake out of the way, what else was in store for guests at this particular Royal Wedding? Much like Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's before it, the royal nuptials stepped away from the traditional set menu that's plagued many a boring wedding meal, and let the guests decide for themselves what to eat. Democracy!

Princess Eugenie Of York Marries Mr. Jack Brooksbank Credit: Getty

Now, with Princess Eugenie's wedding taking place at the same venue as Prince Harry's (St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle), this latest wedding menu also followed in the same vein: People reports that guests were invited to a stand-up lunch reception similar to the one in Mid-May, before it was on to the second luncheon.

That main lunch event saw the introduction of finger food such as mini bites of beef in Yorkshire pudding and little Scotch eggs, before guests got to enjoy that red velvet cake we talked about earlier. Then, once that was all over, guests got to really let loose at the evening reception.

Princess Eugenie Of York Marries Mr. Jack Brooksbank Credit: Getty

If you didn't know, Eugenie's now-husband Jack Brooksbank is one of the ambassadors for Casamogos, a tequila owned by George Clooney which has made him the highest-paid actor of 2018 despite not starring in a single movie. So, as you might imagine, this meant that a lot of tequila was flowing.

While everyone was getting merry on that most deadly of elixirs, guests also got to enjoy a ton of pizza from a gourmet food truck. If that wasn't enough, People also confirmed that Robbie Williams performed for the couple on their happy day. I can't believe I wasn't invited to this wedding.

Well, I can.