'Final Fantasy VIII' is getting a remaster, will be released this year

One of entertainment's most iconic gaming franchises is Final Fantasy.

Beginning in 1998, the Japanese epic fantasy series has spanned 12 games with numerous spin-offs and expansions. Now, one of its most popular releases, Final Fantasy VIII, is being remastered for its 20th anniversary.

To see the official trailer for the remastered game, check out the video below: 

The exciting announcement was made yesterday at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

However, this might not come as a huge surprise to fans of the franchise. Last year, it was announced that there would be Switch and Xbox ports for a number of Final Fantasy games including FFVII, FFIX, FFX, FFXII, with Squall and co being notably left out.

Clearly, this was because the remaster was already in the works.

However, while this might be exciting for fans, we're pretty sure Squall's reaction will be his default response:

A screen grab from Final Fantasy. Credit: Final Fantasy

The remastered version of Final Fantasy VIII will be compatible with PS4, Xbox, PC, and Switch.