Someone photoshopped Nick Offerman's head onto every character from the 'Cats' trailer

It would be fair to say that the trailer for the brand new Cats movie has left a long-lasting impression on its viewers.

Unfortunately, that impression seems to be less 'wow, what a fantastic looking movie' and more 'when did I step into the physical embodiment of a dystopian nightmare future where miniature cats wearing their own fur perform balletic dance sequences? Oh, and what on earth is Jason Derulo doing here?'

Watch the trailer for the brand new Cats movie right here:

Yes, the Cats trailer left viewers with many more questions than answers. Every time I close my eyes I'm confronted with the image of James Corden as a part-cat part-human, and I'm concerned it's never going to go away.

As is inevitable when seismic events such as this occur, the internet has been riding on a veritable wave of Cats-based memes ever since the trailer first dropped.

But now, the dust has settled somewhat, and some internet users are helpfully suggesting alternatives to help the movie become a little less creepy, and a little bit more palatable.

For example, Joaquin Baldwin, a Disney artist, photoshopped Nick Offerman's face onto the characters from the trailer. An improvement? The internet is certainly enjoying it.

And so is Nick Offerman himself, who responded to the hilarity on Twitter, writing "Let’s do this".

And it's fair to say his fans are fully on board with it.

The cast of cats is a veritable who's who of Hollywood stars, including Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, Idris Elba, Dame Judi Dench, Ian McKellen and more.

Nick Offerman in a one-man show of Cats? Stranger things have happened.

Cats will premiere in December 2019.