Reebok are releasing sneakers that look like Buzz Lightyear and Woody from 'Toy Story'

Toy Story 4 is on its way, with a lot of new characters to show off, and dozens more ways to make you cry. As with any big summer tentpole movie like this, there's plenty of merchandise and promotional material to go with Pixar's latest animation.

Check out the trailer for the Pixar sequel below:

One of the promotional items on sale, to be released in tandem with the new movie, is a pair of unusual shoes that will definitely make you the centre of attention.

Reebok have released their latest versions of the Instapump Fury model, this time clad in the colours of our favourite Toy Story characters: Woody and Buzz Lightyear.

The shoes are a three-way project, with Disney Pixar and Reebok collaborating with BAIT to create the unusual shoes.

The mismatching shoes come with different colours on each foot, with one side in the purple white and greens of Buzz Lightyear, while the other side is done up in the colours of Sheriff Woody.

So, if you prefer the Lightyear green sci-fi look, you're sorted - but you still get your black and white cow-patterns and blue denim underlays on the other shoe too.

Let's face it: there are going to be a lot of kids who want a pair of these. On the other hand, there are also going to be plenty of adults who feel just the same way.