Here are all the clues we spotted in the teaser for the 'Game of Thrones' finale

(Warning: This article contains spoilers about Game of Thrones season eight, episode five. If you haven't seen the episode and accidentally read a spoiler, we are not responsible if you go mad and set people on fire.)

On last Sunday's episode of Game of Thrones, Dany Targs went full 'Mad Queen' and roasted thousands of innocent civilians. (Sorry, parents who named their kids Khaleesi!) While King's Landing crumbled to ashes, The Hound finally confronted The Mountain, prompting fans everywhere to make airhorn sounds and yell "CLEGANE BOWL!" Both brothers died, along with Jamie and Cersei, who could not escape the collapsing Red Keep. (Pour out some liquor, or milk of the poppy.)

The teaser for the final episode is only thirty seconds, but offers a tantalizing glimpse of what's to come. So, let's take a break from arguing whether or not Dany's Darth Vader turn was "too rushed," and consider the clues about the endgame. There's only one five days left, people!

Davos and Jon go for a walk

Davos & Jon Survey The Damage Credit: Getty

When Dany decided to roast the city medium-well, Jon watched the carnage with a stunned expression that quickly became a meme. ("When you realize your girlfriend is crazy.") But other than that, the show has not explored his reaction. In the trailer, we see a fleeting image of Jon and Davos strolling around the smoldering ruins. It looks like the "King of the North" will seek sensible counsel from Davos, who will probably recommend taking action, considering his furious reaction to the Red Woman murdering Shireen.

Tyrion realizes he's made a huge mistake

Tyrion Realises Dany's Gone Too Far (And Is In Danger) Credit: Getty

Tyrion is supposed to be the smartest man in Westeros, but he's been acting like a fool for a while. He advised against invading King's Landing when Dany's armies and dragons were at full capacity. He believed his unscrupulous, city-blowing-up sister would join their army to fight the the dead. And he spearheaded the plans that cost Dany Highgarden, Dorne and much of Yara's fleet. So many L's!

Judging by his wary expression in the preview, Tyrion will be reckoning with these decisions. Plus he knows he's in great danger, after freeing Jamie from captivity. The Dragon Queen probably won't punish Jamie's savior with a slap on the wrist.

The Unsullied And Dothraki still support Dany

The Unsullied And Dothraki Cheer For Dany Credit: HBO

In the teaser, Dothraki and Unsullied soldiers gleefully cheer for Dany to Make Westeros Great Again. Her call to slaughter the innocent didn't lose their support; rather, they reverted back to their bloodthirsty nature. Without her advisers' moderate influence, Dany became cruel. And without Dany tempering their behavior, the warriors become savage brutes.

Even after two major battles, Dany has a formidable ride-or-die squad, that will undoubtedly play a role in the endgame. Speaking of which...

Dany appears to be mobilizing her forces for war...again

Dany's Army Credit: HBO

The preview shows Dany's army lined up, and it doesn't look like they're throwing a victory kegger. It looks like she's mobilizing her forces for war, again, possibly to take on the North. After all, she knows Sansa spilled the tea about Jon's parents to Tyrion, which led Tyrion to spill the tea to Varys, which led Varys to spill the tea to who-knows-how-many people in Westeros. We already know the Northmen stan Jon and have no love for Dany - and that's when she was being nice!

Arya didn't peace out

Arya after the battle of King's landing

Credit: HBO

Oh, you thought Arya Stark took off on that white horse to go to Storm's Landing, marry Gendry and begin a life of knitting? Think again! Our favorite face-changing assassin, who hasn't changed faces in a while, did not return to Winterfell, according to the teaser. What is she doing in King's Landing? Perhaps plotting to take out Dany, after witnessing so much horror on the ground during the massacre? The Hound convinced her not to become a revengebot, but maybe she's got some more killing to do.

Queen Of The Ashes

Queen Of The Ashes Credit: HBO

"I am not here to be queen of the ashes," Daenerys Targaryen announced back in season seven. Yet here we are! The teaser features a haunting look at image of the Queen Of The Ashes. "Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!" to quote Percy Bysshe Shelley's poem Ozymandias.

Remember when the 'queen of thorns' Olenna Tyrell told Dany to ignore her advisors and be a dragon? Good advice, if that meant "invade King's Landing first, then take on the dead." Bad advice, if that meant "take King's Landing by committing genocide." Now she understands that gloomy vision from the The House Of Undying: the Iron Throne was covered in ashes.

Watch Dany's Vision From The House Of The Undying In Season Two

In the penultimate episode, the camera stopped showing Dany's face after she chose to go nuclear. The trailer doesn't reveal her face either. The finale promises to show her mental state, revealing what side of the coin is face up, after the gods flipped it.