Gwendoline Christie predicted the winner of the Iron Throne two years ago

Warning: this article contains spoilers on the last ever episode of Game of Thrones!

After a phenomenal eight-year run, the hit HBO show Game of Thrones came to an explosive end last night. And, after much speculation, we learned that Bran, aka the Three-Eyed Raven, won the coveted Iron Throne.

This is the moment we'd all been waiting for - the moment Bran is named King of the Six Kingdoms:

But although the eventual winner of the 'Game of Thrones' would have been kept a secret (even from the cast) for quite some time, it turns out that Gwendoline Christie, who plays Brienne of Tarth, knew who would it be all along. Or at least, she simply guessed who the winner would be, and her prediction ended up being 100 per cent correct.

It's true! In a 2017 interview with Extra, Christie and her co-star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who plays Jaime Lannister, were asked by host Mario Lopez who they thought would end up on the Iron Throne.

Check out the interview here:

At the time of the interview, neither Christie nor Coster-Waldau had seen the Season 8 scripts.

"Don't you think it's going to be someone out of left field?" Christie remarks. Don't you think that those who seem like the obvious choice...? What we know about the show is that it constantly surprises you so I'm wondering if it might be Bran."

"Just because we keep seeing the world from his perspective, don’t we?" she adds "We keep seeing the visions. So, is he in the future projecting in the past?"

To which Coster-Waldau immediately argues: "No, it doesn’t make sense."

Well, as it turns out, Jaime Lannister, it makes complete sense considering Bran did end up becoming the ruler of the Six Kingdoms of Westeros.