Sophie Turner reveals 'Game Of Thrones' scene was the most embarrassing moment of her career

Much like her close friend Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner practically grew up on the set of Game of Thrones. As everyone knows, teenage years are often awkward and prone to embarrassing moments - something that the actress wasn't safe from when making the hit fantasy series.

In fact, one particular experience was so embarrassing it prompted her Dark Phoenix co-star Jessica Chastain make this face:

jessica chastain shocked Credit: YouTube/Vogue

In a recent video for Vogue Paris, Turner and Chastain chatted over dinner - while background patrons tried their best to look like it wasn't a huge deal to be sat a few feet away from them.

During their conversation, Chastain asked Turner about her most embarrassing on-set moment. The 23-year-old recalled the filming for season 2 episode 7, when Sansa realises she has had her period for the first time. For Sansa, it meant she would have to bear children for the then-King Joffrey, but for the actress, it meant plenty of awkwardness.

Here's the scene from the show:

"When I was 13 or 14, I had to get my period onscreen. It was so embarrassing. I had to keep pulling up my dress and the director would [say] 'Blood, blood,' and like keep chucking blood on me," Turner said. "They had a camera right there in my crotch."

Chastain was horrified by the story, and made sure to ask whether this director was a man or a woman. Turner clarified it was a man, but that it was the "costume girls" who actually applied the fake blood.

You can watch the interview here:

Chastain answered the same question when it was put to her by Turner, and it may be even more awkward.

"I was doing a romantic scene with an actor that I had a crush on, years ago, before I was married. I didn't realise it, but in the scene, I was calling him by their personal name," she explained. "It was terrible. I didn't realise until they cut the scene."

So it turns out that Hollywood isn't all glitz and glamour after all.