Bizarre conspiracy theory claims Eminem died and was replaced by a robot

There's famous, and then there's famous.

There's a level of celebrity where you start being noticed by fans in the street, then another level where you have to wear a hat and sunglasses to get anywhere in public without paparazzi and swarms of people tracking you down and trying to get autographs, selfies, and asking you questions. Honestly, when it gets that far - it must really mess with your head.

Beyond that, you can start to see fans get really obsessive - when it goes beyond just liking a celebrity's work, and they start getting weirdly invasive when it comes to their personal lives. If your favourite celeb does something that seems out of character, what do you do? Well, you could always admit that you don't really know the person that well... or you could start up a conspiracy theory about them.

I think once people start spreading rumours that you are a clone, or a robot, or Daniel Day-Lewis deep in his next role, you've officially hit the big time.

Seeing as he's one of the most popular rappers and most well-known musicians on the planet, it should come as no surprise that Eminem has some intense fans out there. Even after making a song about an obsessed fan so iconic it coined the term 'stan' into the way we speak about these things, it seems people aren't quite aware of when they've gone too far. In this case, things haven't gone down quite as dark a route as the song, but this guy's theory isn't exactly the most sane thing you've read this week.

According to one conspiracy theorist, Eminem hasn't been Eminem for quite some time. In fact, the real Slim Shady died, and was replaced by a robot double to cover up his departure from this world.

eminem 1999 Credit: Getty

The original theory has unfortunately been removed online, but not before plenty of other sites picked up on it and quoted the strange idea. According to the theory, Eminem died back in 2006, but the music industry wanted to keep him around to keep bringing in that dough. On top of this, there are some that think it could date all the way back to 1999.

The 'evidence' suggests that his facial structure has changed over the years, with more defined cheekbones, a lower hairline and a slimmer jaw. Most of us thought this was potentially due to a mix of some healthier living and the ravages of time being fairly kind to the 45-year-old rapper, but we must be dead wrong.

"The Eminem that we all know is a fraud that knows that it is a fraud and is rubbing it in our faces," they wrote.

The theory, which originates from back in 2012, apparently compiled 50 images from over the last couple of decades to show changes to his face. On top of this, they noticed some "significant changes" in his lyrics. According to them, while there was initially a "great emphasis on the hip hop way of life", they are now "a lot darker".

"When Eminem returned [from Rehab] he was different man he looked younger, he looked in shape and his fashion style had a dark punisher vibe. Eminem went from a Detroit wigger who would wear baggy jeans, fitted hats with durags to a punisher with a new all black fashion sense."

Do you think Eminem is a robot double? Or do you think he might have just aged and slightly changed his ways over time? Difficult choice, I know.