Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson have reportedly split

Despite all the red flags, I really wanted to believe that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson would make it. Call me naive (I prefer hopeless romantic), but there was something nice about seeing a love so intense that the pair in question felt the need to slap a ring - and several tattoos - onto it.

Now, according to a new report from TMZ, Grande and Davidson have called off their engagement.

ariana grande pete davidson Credit: Getty

Yesterday, TMZ reported that the pop-star and Saturday Night Live cast member split over the weekend, with sources saying that the pair believe it "simply was not the right time for their relationship to take off." But while they will no longer be romantically involved, they purportedly "still have love for each other".

Grande and Davidson have been one of the most talked about couples of 2018, what with their whirlwind romance coming soon after the Sweetener singer's split from the late Mac Miller. The pair were first spotted together in May, and from there, their PDA only intensified; they got matching tattoos, Grande devoted a track to the comedian on her most recent album, and rumours of a possible engagement began to swirl mid-June - something that was confirmed by Davidson during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Earlier this month, eagle-eyed fans noticed that Davidson had seemingly covered up his Dangerous Woman-inspired tattoo.

During his performance on Saturday Night Live this past weekend, an audience member screenshotted a picture where it looks like Davidson had covered up the set of bunny ears along his hairline with a heart.

Later in the weekend, Davidson was papped with the tattoo, but an "A" had been added next to the new design.

This comes weeks after the 24-year-old's explosive hour-long interview with Howard Stern, where he was criticised for making "tasteless" remarks about his fiancée. "I was jerking off to her before I met her!" Davidson bragged, before saying that he's "never been prouder" than when former President Bill Clinton ogled Grande while she performed at Aretha Franklin's funeral.

He also said that he felt "really bad" for the pastor who appeared to have groped a very uncomfortable looking Grande at the same funeral. "He did a stupid joke, he's a pastor," Davidson said. "He did a sh*tty joke, broadcast it on TV. Sh*tty situation…I feel bad for that guy."

Davidson previously told Jimmy Fallon, "I feel like I won a contest [...] It's so sick. It's fucking lit, Jimmy. It's so lit," prompting fans of the pop-singer to accuse him of viewing Grande as a trophy.

He even went so far as to joke that he had "switched [Grande's] birth control with Tic Tacs" to "make sure she can't go anywhere."

pete davidson and ariana grande Credit: Getty

However, it's important to take this news with a pinch of salt.

Neither Grande nor Davidson have spoken publicly of a split, and since Sunday evening, neither have posted to social media.