This bar charges customers $50 to drink and play with live rats

For many people, the idea of laying eyes on a rat is nightmarish. But what if we told you some people are willing to drop $50 (£39) on an evening with them?

It may sound unbelievable for rat-skeptics, but it's absolutely true: The San Francisco Dungeon in Fisherman's Wharf is hosting a three-day pop-up bar from June 13 to June 15 called the Rat Bar.

Guests are welcomed to "journey into the dark place where live rats run free and the booze flows like water".

Rat in bar Credit: Instagram/thesfdungeon

The experience begins with the Rat Bar's signature cocktail The Ama-RAT-O Sour, the ingredients of which are described as "Amaretto, some kind of a citrusy mix and a 'rat’s tail' as garnish". Sounds... tasty?

Next, you and your friends will watch a 60-minute interactive show where you’ll learn "all about the weird, twisted, dark side of the city’s history".

The press release reads: "You’ll move through different points in time with actors recreating San Francisco’s darkest moments including the gold rush, Chinatown gangs, Miss Piggott’s saloon where you’ll get Shanghaied (Google it if you didn’t pay attention in history class), the plague (Yassss! More rats!) and conclude in an Alcatraz prison cell where super-creepy ghosts f*#& with you.

"The San Francisco Dungeon experience also includes a thrilling underground drop ride as well because - why the hell not?"

If you're still in your right mind after the show, this is the point at which you actually meet the rats! Customers have half an hour to touch and hold the whiskery guests of honour, who are owned by non-profit animal rescue and shelter, Ratical Rodent Rescue.

To finish the night off, you'll head upstairs to The San Francisco Dungeon’s retail shop where a cash bar awaits and you can tell a fellow rat-lover all about your bonding time with the furry little scoundrels.

The 'cocktails and vermin' event is the company's second rodent-enthusiast offering, following the success of the Rat Cafe.

Speaking about the event, Matthew Clarkson, regional head of marketing for West Coast Midway Attractions, North America, Merlin Entertainments Group (parent company of The San Francisco Dungeon) said: "Let’s be honest – pastries and coffee were nice and all when we hosted the Rat Café but that was a lot of work. We thought, 'F it. This time, get drunk, see our show, touch rats and get drunk some more."

So, if this sounds at all like something you want to do, go ahead and book here. But if you're not quite convinced by the idea of those long tails and sharp claws, we won't judge you if you decide to stay at home.