Man's ear itch caused by spider building a nest

Aches, pains, and itches are all a part of being human, but for one man, an ear itch turned out to be the stuff of nightmares.

Instead of a build-up of wax, or an ear infection, it transpired that the cause of the itch was a spider building a nest in his ear.

The toe-curling incident took place in China and was revealed to the world by The South China Morning Post, who wrote that the man from Jiangsu, north of Shanghai, went to a hospital after experiencing an "intense itch" last month.

To see the spider weaving a web in the man's ear, check out the video below: 

Dr. Zhang Pan, of the Affiliated Hospital of Yangzhou University, told The Sun: "I didn't notice it when inspecting [his ear] with the naked eye."

"However, using an endoscope, I discovered the small spider inside."

Then, in a scene straight out of a horror movie, the spider was filmed spinning a web inside the man's ear.

A spider with four eyes. Credit: Pixabay

While doctors did attempt to move the spider manually, at first, the arachnid was too quick for them, and they had no option but to flush it out of the man's ear.

Now, if you'll excuse me I'm off to flush my ears out. Twenty times. Clearly, you can't be too careful about these things.