Californian city elects Golden Retriever mayor for life

In recent times, the world of politics has become increasingly polarised. With debates getting more and more heated and politicians doing seemingly anything for re-election, it can be hard to trust in democracy at all. If you ask me, there's no such thing as a perfect political candidate, but Mayor Max II comes pretty close.

Who's a good mayor? He is, yes he is! He's ruff on crime, but his bark is a lot worse than his bite - Mayor Max II is a Golden Retriever, and he's just been elected mayor for life. The town of Idyllwild, California has never been the same since Max II took office in 2014, following on from his predecessor Max I, who was elected in 2012.

That was the first time Idyllwild moved to elect a dog mayor, with the nonprofit Idyllwild Animal Rescue Friends running a sponsored election. Any resident could nominate their pet, and had to pledge a dollar to vote, with further donations encouraged. All in all, around $31,000 was raised for the animal rescue nonprofit, and Max I was elected.

Max's owner, Phyllis Mueller, who also claims to be the mayor's chief of staff (though Mayor Max II has so far declined to comment on this), said she campaigned hard along with her husband to have her dog be the mayor, even donating as much as $20,000 to the cause.

"I thought it would be fun to have my dog be the mayor," she said to ABC News. "You were asked to pay a dollar a vote and you were encouraged to buy the election," added Mueller, fuelling rumours of alleged corruption during the political process that threatens to tarnish Max II's legacy as Idyllwild's greatest-ever mayor.

Here's Max II greeting some of his constituents:

Max I passed away after two years in office, but Max II was an able successor; first taking office as an 11-week-old puppy, and in his third election, Max II was elected mayor for life. Along with his deputies (also Golden Retrievers), Max II makes public appearances at local hospitals and schools, even making vital house calls.

"When people ask what party they would belong to, I always say they would be independent," added Mueller, and I don't know about you, but if Mayor Max II wanted to run for president one day, he would definitely have my vote.