Man who left garden gate open freaks out after 200 sheep invade his home

People make small mistakes every day, and while we'll often see the ramifications of it, things are rarely as bad as they initially seem to be. Losing your keys, your driver's license, or sleeping through your alarm - they all seem pretty awful in the moment, but we survive it and move on.

When it comes to something as trivial as leaving the garden gate open, the worst you'd expect is maybe one animal getting in. Maybe a stray cat or a raccoon, but a herd of sheep? That sounds a bit far-fetched. And in this unfortunate family's case, it wasn't just a few - but 200 sheep.

Scott Russo, from Lincoln, California, made the mistake of leaving his fence gate open, and paid the price when hundreds of sheep stormed into his yard, leaving him at a loss for words.

You can watch the chaotic situation in the video below:

Russo is used to seeing sheep in the area, even close to his house. The sheep were brought in by the local government to help clear the overgrowth the forest and help to prevent wildfires from affecting urban developments. There are eight herds used for this purpose in the area, made up of more than 5,200 sheep and 600 goats.

“Sheep we use a lot on the grasslands. Goats are used for underbrush," Ray Leftwich told CBS. "They will eat poison oak, blackberries, anything,” said Ray Leftwich.

Earlier this week, Scott opened his backyard gate so that his daughters could get a closer look at the sheep, but made the tragic mistake of leaving it open behind him. “We opened the gate to give the girls a better look,” his wife Erin said in an interview with CBS13. “They quickly shuffled in and before we knew it, in the blink of an eye, there were hundreds in here and we just didn’t know what to do."

alt Credit: Viralhog

The situation is already way out of control at the start of the video, with Scott a little panicky over the situation, but clear-headed enough to know this would make for a hilarious video.

Eventually he tries to lure the sheep out by exiting the yard, but only a few do - and even more flood in. That's when Erin starts to make noise and jump on the trampoline to scare them off, and it works a charm.

sheep Credit: ViralHog

“I was horrified because my kids were outside so it turned serious,” Erin said. “And why my husband asked me to jump — I have no idea, but I guess he was just being silly. So embarrassing. I feel a little irresponsible for leaving the gate open knowing there was livestock out back. But they were so skittish- I didn’t even think it was possible that they would storm our yard like that."

Scott, Erin and the rest of the family will be pretty relieved to get rid of all those farm animals, and thankful that somehow their fence survived the whole ordeal!