'Sexy Koala' goes viral after striking up a seductive pose on a tree

One thing that separates humans from animals is that when someone points a camera our way, we're definitely aware of it. In fact, we get so self-conscious that it can make us look completely unnatural in photos. While we're struggling to find out what people really look like outside of Tinder, other creatures on this planet don't have the same problem.

But as this koala proves, that doesn't mean they can't inject a little personality when a nature photographer points a lens their way. The koala was recently photographed by Ross Long, and it was his 'come hither' pose that won him viral fame and thousands of adoring fans.

The 27-year-old man behind the camera is originally from Cornwall, England, but now lives in Sydney, travelling across both Australia and New Zealand to capture some incredible wildlife moments. When he met this particular koala, he was visiting Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary in Queensland, on Australia's Gold Coast.

Once he got the photo, he shared it on Instagram where it has gained over 2,000 likes and a plethora of comments over just a few days. “Draw me like one of your French girls, Jack,” he wrote in the caption, referencing the iconic romantic scene from the Titanic.

“He’s certainly positioned in a seductive manner as if to say: ‘I’m ready for action’,” the photographer explained to the Daily Mail. “There were other female koalas nearby, so I guess this is his way of letting them know that he was indeed ready."

He continued:

“He looked more chilled than a Friday night of Netflix and chill. Perhaps this explains why chlamydia is such an issue in the koala world? I've never worked with such an easy-going model like this one before, it's a welcome change from the stuff I usually capture.

"I'm lucky enough to travel around Australia and New Zealand most of the year which gives me plenty of photography opportunities. There is just so much variety in Australia, depending on where you go, the animals adapt with the landscape. It keeps everything fresh and exciting."

There were plenty of comments on the Instagram post since the image started making the rounds. “How can a koala take a better picture than me?” one user commented, while another added: “‘Sexy koala’ is the new duck lips pose".

It looks like this koala is a new icon of self-confidence in the animal world. Maybe we can all learn a little something from him.