An image of a pug dog.

Aldi is now selling an inflatable pug island

You know what they say about pugs? They're weird sneezers. Seriously, ask any pug owner and they'll tell you it's because their dog's smushed face makes it hard for them to breathe.

If you're constantly dwelling on how much air your little pup is getting, then worry no more. This pug pool float won't have any trouble breathing, but it will provide you with hours of poolside fun.

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Aldi is selling an inflatable pug island for only $15.91 (£12.99) for all your summer relaxing and pool floatie needs. The website says it's an outdoor toy, but who's to say this wouldn't make the perfect lounging bedroom accessory?

Either way, you'll receive all kinds of compliments from dog-lovers and pool toy fanatics alike. The product description reads: "Our adorable Pug Island is the perfect pool accessory this summer. Sit back and relax in the sun with the help of this cute inflatable island!"

alt Credit: Aldi

This perfect island can hold up to 220 pounds. If you're worried you'll exceed that, subtract a few pounds from your weight because you'll likely be wearing close-to-nothing in your swim suit anyway.

And it's big enough to fit most of your body, clocking in around five feet by four feet. The pool accessory comes with handles and even a repair patch, just in case you overestimate how much this PVC floatie can take or drop it on a rogue nail on the sidewalk.

alt Credit: Aldi

But don't worry if you're not a dog person. There is also an inflatable cat island for those who love to share the summer heat with their feline friends. Are you the type of person who wants a hole where the animal's face should be? Buy the donut one instead for a classic, fun design.

alt Credit: Aldi

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a pug island and plan a trip to the pool or the beach. The only thing you'll be missing is an actual island full of pugs. I'm picturing it now.